Interview With Consulate of Italy in Buenos Aires, Argentina

On behalf of the Italian Language Foundation, an in-person interview was conducted with Marco Petacco, the Consul General of the Consulato Generale d’Italia in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and with the Director of Education, Professor Giampiero Finocchiaro.

Mr. Marco Petacco (Console Generale- Consolato Generale d’Italia in Buenos Aires)

Consul General Petacco commented that the teaching of the Italian language is one of the primary goals of the Consulate in Buenos Aires. Mr. Petacco explained that they have a solid promotional/marketing strategy in each of their offices to promote the Italian language to the community. This promotional strategy is executed by a leader with teaching expertise. Mr. Petacco also mentioned that the bilateral relationship between Italy and Argentina is particularly significant since there are more than 20 million Argentinian citizens (approximately 50% of the population of Argentina) that are Italian descendants.

Professor Giampiero Finocchiaro (Dirigente Ufficio Scolastico)

Finally, Professor Giampietro Finocchiaro, the Director of Education at the Consulate in Buenos Aires, commented that educational exchanges between schools and universities in Argentina and the United States are already in progress.

Interviews conducted by Marcelina Romero

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