Wellesley College is offering FREE online Italian Language courses. ILF recommends you consider taking one or all of them. They are user-friendly, rich content videos and podcasts with real life people scenarios to make learning easier. They are good courses to consider whether you are a traditional, visual or auditory learner and offer the flexibility to do at your own pace. Herein links to register and access:

Italian Language and Culture: Beginner (roughly equivalent to first semester Italian at the college level)

Italian Language and Culture: Intermediate (roughly equivalent to second semester Italian at the college level)

Italian Language and Culture: Advanced (roughly equivalent to third and/or fourth semesters Italian at the college level)

APĀ® Italian Language and Culture (fourth semester or bridge courses; a new and updated edition of this course will open on August 18. 2020)

Wellesley also offers a license program whereby you can customize and personalize the courses to meet your needs and goals. If you want to find our more or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact them via their email address below.

Daniela Bartalesi-Graf: dbartale@wellesley.edu
David Ward: dward@wellesley.edu

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