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We welcome your support and participation to enhance the teaching and learning of Italian language and culture.

Contribute to our Mission

Your support opens doors for hundreds of ambitious students of Italian seeking to broaden their language, culture, and career pathway skills. Together and with your donation, we’ll witness the continued growth of the Italian language and its culture throughout the U.S. and the world. We can help students and teachers reach their full potential which supports Italy and the U.S. economy. Join us in fulfillment of our Mission to promote and sustain Italian language education.

Share your Stories

Teachers: Tell us about your teaching achievements. Share a student success story. Encourage or assign your students to submit a Blog Post.

Students: Tell us about your love for the Italian language and culture. Send us your stories and we will post and provide you byline credit for your resume!

Become A Contributory Writer

Not a Teacher or Student? Have an interesting and engaging story to share about your Italian cultural and language experiences? Become a Contributory Writer. See our Blog Guidelines and contact us with a one-paragraph summary.

Interested in Providing Italian Language at Your School?

The Italian Language Foundation provides support services to its student and teacher members. We also support schools interested in providing Italian language courses at their schools. We will work with you and the school administrators to advocate for Italian language and culture course instruction, especially the College Board’s AP Italian Language & Culture.

Academic Community

The Italian Language Foundation strives to provide academic opportunities for student members who are interested in participating in the Advanced Placement Italian Language and Culture Program offered by the College Board. The Italian Language Foundation supports students and teachers and works with schools interested in implementing Italian language courses, especially AP Italian, across the U.S. and Canada. We invite anyone with an interest in supporting and promoting Italian language education to Join us as a volunteer, collaborator and/or donor.

Alumni Network

Are you a previous Italian Language Foundation student member or awardee? The Italian Language Foundation is building a Students of Italian Alumni Network.

Contact us today, so we can add you to our Student Alumni List. Not a previous Student but taking Italian Language and/or seeking to make it a career. Become a Member today!

Get Involved

We look to partner with parents, teachers, and community contributors to promote the importance of preserving the Italian language.

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