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Supporting students and teachers with Italian Language educational resources, especially the College Board’s AP Italian Language and Culture Course and Examination.

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As a Teacher Member, The Italian Language Foundation offers continuing education support to ensure teachers of Italian receive professional development to continually enhance their Italian language teaching skills, especially AP Italian. In collaboration with the College Board, the Embassy of Italy and other educational institutions, Italian Language Foundation is able to offer professional development workshops and seminars. In addition, we help offset your continuing education costs by directly paying for select College Board workshops. As a member, all of the following programs & services are available to you.

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For Student Members, the Italian Language Foundation supports high school students to become AP qualified in Italian Language and Culture. The Italian Language Foundation subsidizes the costs of college-related expenses such as AP Italian exams. High school and college level Student Members are introduced to internships, providing employment experiences within Italian-focused industries and businesses, and are offered stipends for travel expenses.  Student Members are invited to submit blogs to our website, and also have access to Italian cultural events and opportunities to engage and practice their Italian language skills.

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Teacher Professional Development

Teacher members get access to FREE workshop and seminars geared towards professional development.

Teacher Recognition

Our teacher members’ work doesn’t go unnoticed. Teacher members receive yearly teacher achievement awards.

Events & Networking

Teachers expand their networks and increase their own knowledge through Italian language and culture events.

Teacher Showcase

Teacher members get the opportunity to showcase their students and class projects.

AP Italian Language & Culture

Our student members get access to College Board AP Italian resources to improve learning and teaching experiences.

Awards for Excellence

Our student members receive cash stipend and recognition for their hard work.

Internship Program

Through our internship program, students get to work with Italian-based companies.

Blog Writer

Add blog writing to your resume! Our members are encouraged to submit stories and blog articles to be featured on our website.

Teacher with Students, teaching them the Italian Language

Tell us how we can help increase enrollment at a school

The Italian Language Foundation is your advocate in our mission to promote and sustain Italian Language and especially AP Italian within public schools in the U.S. and Canada. We want to hear from you, our student and teacher members. Let us know how we can support the growth of Italian language at your school. Do you know of a public school who is ready to offer Italian language courses and especially the AP Italian Language and Culture Course? Please reach out to Italian Language Foundation to raise our voices and together increase Italian language studies nationwide.

Stay informed on updates about the College Board’s AP Italian Language and Culture Course and Exam.

In collaboration with the College Board, all year long we stay abreast of new AP Italian Language developments. Information, updates and resources including course and exam details and dates. Stay tuned and follow us via social media to stay updated!

When you become a member, you receive updates via our Newsletter.

Top 10 Universities offering Italian Language studies.

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