Written by Paige Kozial for ILF

I had a great time going to Barilla. I really enjoyed learning about the company and seeing what they had to offer. As a student in the United States, we learn about companies and how businesses work here for example, companies like Google and Apple are huge and people use their products everyday. Most people know their history. Coming from an Italian family, I did not realize how much we actually use Barilla pasta. It was interesting to learn about the company’s history and how it functions in today‚Äôs society.

In class we learn Italian, obviously, but being able to apply the Italian I learn in class to potentially operate or use my language skills in a business ties my education together. I hope to continue my Italian education past high school, so that I can take my skills with me in the future.

In AP we are learning more about the Italian world, culture and how to put it all together. The Barilla experience was all those and more. We got to see how Barilla functions as an Italian company in the world. Besides its history, we also got to see how they market and how they deal with their competition.