Written by Spencer Messina for ILF

I had a great experience at Barilla, learning not only about the company and how it works, but also about its history and how it has affected Italian culture in both Italy and many other countries.

As far as how the business ran, it seemed like it was almost like a family, and all of the different parts were closely related, from the people who prepared the food all the way up to the people in charge. I also got a sense that the company really put its employees first as well as their relationships with other people and businesses. They gave each student a gift bag, which I think is an indication of how they operate their business every day.

I think this really helped with what we’re learning about in class because we got to experience first hand how an Italian business works. We have been learning a lot about the culture in Italy, and I think it was really cool to see how people brought that same culture from Italy to America and are running a very successful business.

This also gave us a lot of knowledge that is useful when learning AP, because it gave us real life applications for Italian and the information we learn about. Whether it’s for our speaking or just general knowledge, this experience gave us a lot of useful information as we continue to learn Italian, and I think it will also help us notice more areas of our lives where Italian can be applied.