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Advanced Placement (AP) Italian Language & Culture Course and Exam Impact

The Italian Language Foundation has worked diligently to allow interested American and Canadian students to earn college credit or receive advanced standing for high school coursework while saving college-bound students tuition fees for beginner-level Italian language classes. We encourage and motivate high school students to enroll in Advanced Placement courses in Italian and reward them for taking the AP Italian exam. We also offer internships for high school and college students of Italian with companies providing an Italian language experience. Enrollment in Italian language classes in U.S. public high schools is growing 15-20% faster than enrollment rates for other foreign languages like Spanish, French and German. This progress is encouraging and in fulfillment towards the Italian Language Foundation mission to support and promote AP Italian Language & Culture.

College Board 5-year Minimum Requirement Exceeded!
2,774 Exams taken over a 5-year period exceeding the minimum requirement by 10%

U.S. High Schools offering AP Italian
21% increase (2012-2018) in number of schools offering Italian from 385 to 492 Schools

U.S. High School Student Enrollments
62% increase (2012 - 2018) in number of Student Enrollment from 1,806 to 2,926

The Advanced Placement Program in Italian Language and Culture is an incentive for students to apply themselves to the study of a great language and culture at a time of globalization and increased cultural and commercial exchange between two great countries and during a period when governmental support of world language studies is under attack.

Margaret I. Cuomo, M.D., President of The Italian Language Foundation

The Italian Language Foundation works closely with the College Board to continue to increase student participation in AP Italian Language & Culture coursework and exam throughout the United States.

Student Members

The Italian Language Foundation helps its Student Members become proficient in the Italian Language and competitive for college admissions to a 4-year and/or selective universities. By providing the necessary academic resources needed to successfully pass the AP Italian Language & Culture Exam, Student Members broaden their language skills and opportunities for employment especially with Italian industry sector companies within the U.S., Italy and around the world.

Teacher Members

The Italian Language Foundation provides Teacher Members with free professional development workshops and curricular resources needed to help prepare students for the AP Italian Language and Culture Exam. The Italian Language Foundation has developed an effective network of Italian language educators throughout the United States to teach and develop the AP Italian Language Curriculum. The Teacher Recognition Awards honor and reward those teachers who demonstrate a commitment to excellence in the teaching of Italian at the high school and college level.

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