Written by Nicolas Cima for ILF

My name is Nicolas Cima, and I am currently a sophomore at Illinois State University studying Special Education with an Italian Studies minor. When prompted to share my experience, I jumped out of my seat. Working alongside the Redoro company was an unforgettable experience and one that I cherish to this day. Of course I’ll tell my tale! As part of the cosmetics branch, I did a lot of research into the use of olive oil for cosmetic purposes. We were looking towards bringing their products into American stores, and did a couple of lotion samplings and surveys to gauge interest and educate. When I arrived in Italy as an extension of the internship, I also was given the opportunity to teach young Italian kids about the many health benefits of olive oil, some English, and what a typical olive season looks like on the farm. This internship has meant so much to me moving forward with my own education!  I could not say I would be pursuing my minor if it weren’t for the amazing opportunities my high school Italian program had to offer. The teaching opportunity as part of this business-oriented experience was a huge bonus! Beyond high school, I have been able to utilize the skills that I learned from this in many different areas of life. I have continued with my love of Italian language and culture, and with the academics I am currently pursuing, I may explore teaching in Italy some day down the road. I’ve fostered relationships that I hold close to my heart, and I found a home away from home in the beautiful Italian land. Un’esperienza davvero indimenticabile.