The Italian program at Prospect High School and the international internship with Redoro Olive Oil Company in Verona has completely changed my life and perspective on the world. Working with my peers to best use Redoro’s products and display how olive oil can also be used in cosmetics and skin care was invigorating and exciting. I learned how to prepare for a professional presentation in front of a panel of judges, communicate with others while tackling a language barrier, and speaking aloud to audiences. These acquired skills have helped me tremendously in college and looking back on the experience, I can not believe I presented for an Italian company! Professor Scolaro developed our Italian in person and than helped further prepare us for our presentations in Italy completely in Italian. This professional experience was way more engaging than what I could only learn in the classroom. Using my language in Italy also assisted me on the AP Italian exam. I was better prepared to speak out loud and my nervousness was very little while taking the test.