Why Support the Italian Language Foundation?

More high school students would choose to learn Italian... if they were given the chance.

Italian is the fourth most commonly studied spoken language in America... and demand is growing.

Italian is one of the fastest growing languages.. with increased enrollment of 22.6%.

Most American high schools offer Spanish and French.  Both the strong and growing demand for Italian language studies is not being met.

We need to give students the chance to learn Italian.

We are the Italian Language Foundation.  We are a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, qualified by the Internal Revenue Service to receive tax deductible contributions.  The Italian Language Foundation was created to give American high school students the chance to learn the Italian language and study the magnificent history and culture of Italy.

We support the nationwide Advanced Placement Italian Language and Culture Program offered to American high school students by The College Board. The AP program lets students get college credit for their high school work, and it can reduce the length and cost of their college education.

Please join us in helping more and more students to learn Italian and fall in love with the wonderful culture of Italy.  And remember - 100% of the donation you make is tax deductible and goes toward supporting Italian language education.

Sources: American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, Foreign Language Student 2007 Secondary Planning Survey; Modern Language Association, "Enrollments in Languages Other than English in United States Institutions of Higher Education, Fall 2006" by Nelly Furman, David Goldberg and Natalia Lisun.