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Student Membership

The Italian Language Foundation student members receive access to student resources, and summer internships with companies. Through these internships, students get to apply their AP Italian coursework while working with organizations led by Italians, influenced by the Italian culture and language, and interact with Italian-based products from a corporate perspective. Student members who take the AP Italian exam and earn a score of 3, 4, or 5 receive the Award for Excellence, including cash rewards:

Students who score a 3 will receive a $100 award

• Students who score a 4 will receive a $150 award

• Students who score a 5 will receive a $250 award

Teacher Membership

The Italian Language Foundation teacher member is eligible to receive free, year-round professional development, access to teacher resources, updates on AP College Board teaching requirements,  and eligibility for full or partial scholarships to attend AP Italian Summer Institutes, organized by the College Board. Teacher members are also invited to submit blogs which are posted on our website, and shared via Italian Language Foundation’s social media. 

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